Established 1999

Traditional by the bottle. Personality by the glass.

About Us

The Vineyard
Granitevale Estate offer beautiful wines, that are made and sold with pride and with an affection for the tradition and the processes that create great wine. Granitevale, however, do not operate to the norm. They are innovators and use the regions unique flavours and tones to create wines that surprise and delight all of the Estate’s guests.
Granitevale challenges the belief that wineries are often dull, and are not welcoming environments. Offering a unique difference, Granitevale Estate provides brilliant service; every glass of wine, and every meal is served with passion and joy. When visiting the Estate guests are welcomed, and treated to an experience that is unsurpassed within the region.
The Winemaker
Granitevale wines are made under the instruction of owner Greg Birch. He is as passionate about making wine as he is about drinking it. The Estate is run by Greg and his wife Leigh. You can be sure when you are tasting Granitevale’s finest that they have tested it personally.
Greg is a dreamer and this is evident in all of the Estate’s wines. His philosophy is to learn from the best, and then to make it his own. Every wine becomes a creation, and every vision a plan. The Estate’s signature desert wine PinkIce was one such creation; It was a glittering twilight after picking season when Greg realised there was more fruit than he could use for his current creations, but never one for wasting hard earned produce he decided to pick the remaining grapes anyway. So in a race against the clock – or more specifically the birds, he came up with a plan! That plan was to create the regions first ice wine made from a Red grape variety. What he didn’t know then was that the wine would not only become a regional first, but very likely a world first too. 
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